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SuperFinal returns to the National Stadium in Warsaw!

Autor: Alex Zarganis Published: 9 Apr 2013 | Comments: 0

SuperFinal VIII of the Polish League of American Football will be played at the National Stadium in Warsaw. This culminating game of the 2013 Topliga season is scheduled for Sunday, July 14.


Last year's NAC SuperFinal VII was a spectacular success for a Polish League of American Football that has only existed since the autumn of 2006. 23,000 spectators gathered in the stands to witness the first ever championship for the Gdynia Seahawks. The team from the Tri-Cities defeated the Warsaw Eagles in an exciting offensive shootout, prevailing 52-37. A pre-game picnic on the concourse of the National Stadium entertained 12,000 of the attendees beginning well before kickoff. The game was televised on TVN Turbo, nSport HD and Eurosport 2 HD.

logotyp VIII SuperFinału, autor: Tomasz Lerczak

“SuperFinal VII was a milestone step for American football in Poland,” commented PLFA President Jędrzej Stęszewski. “Thanks to this event, which was well-received in not just Poland, but the rest of Europe and overseas as well, we were able to raise the profile of a sport that is still very young in Poland to a new level. We believe that this year's SuperFinal will again provide fans with unparalleled emotion. The event's organizers and the entire Polish American football community will make every effort to prove that last year's success was not a fluke. We guarantee families and fans of all ages an unforgettable experience,” he added.

Eight teams will compete for the right to play in the most important game of the season in the PLFA's premier division, the Topliga. SuperFinal VIII will feature two teams from this list: AZS Silesia Rebels, Wrocław Devils, Wrocław Giants, Gdynia Seahawks, Kozły Poznań, Warsaw Eagles, Warsaw Spartans, Zagłębie Steelers Interpromex.


Alex Zarganis
PLFA Press Bureau

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Grupa Północna

p. TEAM G W/L +/- Pts.
1. Seahawks 10 8/2 224 16
2. Eagles 10 7/3 235 14
3. Kozły 10 4/6 -32 8
4. Spartans 10 0/10 -513 0

Grupa Południowa

p. TEAM G W/L +/- Pts.
1. Devils 10 9/1 267 18
2. Giants 10 8/2 360 16
3. Rebels 10 2/8 -251 4
4. Steelers 10 2/8 -290 4