21 teams in PLFA II

Autor: Alex Zarganis Published: 25 Nov 2012 | Comments: 0

On Saturday, November 24 the Polish League of American Football (PLFA) held its annual meeting in Warsaw to discuss the format of competition for the 2013 PLFA II season. Nine new teams will be making their debuts in that league during the upcoming year.

The 21 teams in the league were divided geographically into 3 groups of 7 teams. Each team will play each other team in its group once during the six-game regular season. The three-round playoff system will be made up of 8 teams, including the top two teams from each group and the two best third-place teams. Each group winner and one runner-up will host games during the quarterfinal playoff round.

Four Topliga teams will send reserve teams to play in the 2013 PLFA II season: the Wrocław Devils (the Diabły), the Gdynia Seahawks, the Warsaw Eagles (the BEagles) and the Warsaw Spartans.

The Bydgoszcz Raiders and the Warszawa Crusaders will be making their absolute PLFA debuts, having never played previously under any format. The other seven debutants, the Sucha Beskidzka Broncos, Słupsk Griffons, Skoczów Pretorians, Gdynia Seahawks B, Warsaw BEagles, Warsaw Spartans B and Pabianice Wilki, will be jumping from 8-man football (PLFA 8) to the full version.

The 2013 PLFA II season will kick off during the weekend of April 20-21.


South Group:

  1. Sucha Beskidzka Broncos
  2. Wrocław Diabły
  3. Globinit Rzeszów Ravens
  4. Skoczów Pretorians
  5. Rybnik Thunders
  6. Częstochowa Saints
  7. Olkusz Silvers


Central Group:

  1. Warszawa Crusaders
  2. Warszawa Królewscy
  3. Warsaw BEagles
  4. Warsaw Spartans B
  5. Warsaw Werewolves
  6. Pabianice Wilki
  7. Olsztyn Lakers

North Group:

  1. Toruń Angels
  2. Bydgoszcz Archers
  3. Bydgoszcz Raiders
  4. Szczecin Cougars
  5. Słupsk Griffons
  6. Sopot Sabercats
  7. Gdynia Seahawks B

Alex Zarganis
PLFA Press Bureau