The Polish Tailgate Party

Autor: Alex Zarganis Published: 28 Jun 2012 | Comments: 0

Although NAC SuperFinal VII does not kickoff until 5:00 PM on July 15, it does not mean that those holding tickets will have to sit around all day just waiting for the game to begin. The concourse of the National Stadium will open four hours before the scheduled start time, housing a veritable 'football city' on the banks of the Vistula.

A number of unique guests, contests and prizes will add to the fun on American Football Day in Warsaw. The on-field pregame festivities will include a special performance by the Polish Air Force Marching Band and a coin-toss ceremony with Polish First Pilot and Captain Tadeusz Wrona. In addition, fans will have an opportunity to win a trip on the maiden flight of LOT's new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

The picnic out on the concourse will have an American air, in the style of the Super Bowl. Fans who get to the stadium early will be able to become, for a moment, real football players—they will be able to put on the uniform, see how fast they can throw a ball and try to hit targets with it. Moreover, there will be many competitions and prizes in store for everyone, and the atmosphere will be permeated by the rhythms of concerts and the scents of American culinary specialties. A children's playground will be provided for those with youngsters.

During the game, fans will be treated to a spectacle involving the country's top players, many of whom played collegiate or even professional football in the United States and other countries. They will be rooted on by dancing cheerleaders and the halftime entertainment will include more attractions and prizes. The winner of the game will take possession of Poland's National Championship and the trophy that goes with it in a special post-game ceremony.

“I believe that NAC SuperFinal VII will prove that the National Stadium in Warsaw is a perfect place to organize events that do not deplete the family budget yet which provide fantastic and safe fun for all ages” says Jędrzej Stęszewski, PLFA President. “We have discounts for families, seniors and students. We want to show what a spectacular and complete sport football is, and that it is not as complicated as it is commonly thought. In organizing the SuperFinal at the National Stadium we want, above all, to welcome those people who have not had previous contact with our sport” added Stęszewski.

All in all, July 15 promises to be a fun-packed and exciting day at the National Stadium. Ticket prices start at 25 PLN. Senior citizens are allowed a 50% discount, while for students, children and families there are special tickets with over a 20% discount. In addition, group discounts are offered. Tickets can be purchased via the website and at all Eventim sales outlets, including Empik stores.

Alex Zarganis
PLFA Press Bureau