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Eagles win playoff tuneup

Autor: Alex Zarganis Published: 15 Jun 2015 | Comments: 0

The Warsaw Eagles prepared for their upcoming Topliga semifinal with a 38-6 home victory over the Zagłębie Steelers Interpromex on Sunday afternoon. The Eagles, who have now won all six games they have played against the Steelers, got five touchdown passes from Herbert Lee Bynes in the win.

Michał Śpiczko had a big game for the Eagles, and he opened the scoring with a 5-yard touchdown reception in the first quarter. The Steelers responded by marching down the field to tie the game on a drive that ended with a 10-yard touchdown run by Kevin Marshall. It was the 6th touchdown of the season for Marshall, Zagłębie's leading scorer.

Śpiczko dominated on Warsaw's first drive of the second quarter, keeping the offense on the field with a big one-handed catch before finding the end zone again at the end of a 19-yard pass from Bynes. Andre Whyte scored on a 55-yard run up the left sideline the next time Warsaw got the ball, and Charles McCrea finished the half with a 26-yard scoring catch.

Zagłębie lost starting quarterback Michał Krzelowski to injury in the second half, and they had trouble gaining yards with a ground-based offense from that point on. The Eagles got touchdown receptions in the second half from Adrian Sawicki and Filip Kłoskowski to make it a rout in the end.

The Steelers dropped to 2-7 in defeat, with one game remaining in their season. They will finish the year back in Warsaw, taking on the Sharks on June 20. The Eagles, meanwhile, will need to find something extra to take down the undefeated Wrocław Panthers in the first Topliga semifinal in Wrocław on June 27.


Eagles (6-4): at Wrocław Panthers (10-0), Saturday, June 27, Time TBA (Topliga semifinal #1)
Steelers (2-7): at Warsaw Sharks (1-8), Saturday, June 20, 2:00 PM

Alex Zarganis
PLFA Press Bureau

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