PLFA introduces its new logo

Autor: Alex Zarganis Published: 10 Mar 2015 | Comments: 0

The PLFA logo's creator is Dominik Pacholczyk, winner of a contest that was announced by league administrators at the beginning of December 2014. His submission won the favor of a judging panel that included Dawid Korzekwa, president of the Association of Graphic Designers, Jędrzej Stęszewski, PLFA president, and two PLFA graphic designers, Tomasz Lerczak and Paweł Chwedczuk.

“The new logo was built completely from scratch,” commented Pacholczyk. “The main aim was to give the PLFA a fresh look that would do justice to the dynamic nature of the sport of American football. The logo explores the use of negative space. It combines the shield, a symbol of strength and pride, and the football, which directly references the sport itself and serves as a nod to the previous logo. The piece was finished with simple lettering that completes the whole.”

“Looking to the previous logo for inspiration, I decided to use only the football that was found there,” added Pacholczyk. “Of course, in order to conceptualize the artwork, I had to familiarize myself with the image of the sport, both in Poland and abroad. Still, nothing grabbed my attention, and I decided to create a new avenue for the logo. The difficulty lay in clearly, but not too explicitly, representing the character of football. This left me aiming for a logo that was both understated and unique, and I believe that I reached that aim.”


The first game during the inaugural season of PLFA play took place in Łódź on October 6, 2006. In the early summer of that same year, when it became clear that a regular league would be formed, the Polish Association of American Football (PZFA) came to the conclusion that the league would need a defining graphic representation. In June 2006, Jakub Zduń, one of the first players for the Warsaw Eagles, created a logo that remained unchanged and was in use all the way up until today.

“I remember looking at a lot of NCAA graphics when we were trying to come up with a logo for the league,” said Zduń. “It was important that our logo stay relatively simple, but still be clearly associated with American football. That's why the football itself, which is obviously characteristic of the sport, was chosen as the theme, while the color scheme and the national outline gave it an undeniable association with Poland. The overall effect was successful enough to serve as the hallmark of the league for nine seasons.”

“Ten years ago, we were pioneers,” continued Zduń. “The logos, posters and even the game tickets were all done on our home computers. Now, the league and its teams have become much more professionalized, and sports logos overall have changed in that time as well. So, I am not surprised that the PZFA decided that the time had come for a change. I am proud that the logo that I created lasted as long as it did, and of the little part that I played in the development of the sport in Poland.”

Dominik Pacholczyk
Dominik Pacholczyk is a graphic designer, specializing in visual identity systems, product packaging and website and web application creation. His work focuses on functionality, aesthetics and clarity, and he is a follower of minimalism. Pacholczyk has worked on projects for HBO, Nestlé, Legia Warszawa and Yves Rocher Polska, among others. He has also collaborated with a number of advertising agencies both at home and abroad.

Jakub Zduń
Jakub Zduń is one of the most experienced players in the PLFA. In addition to being a passionate graphic designer, Zduń is also a surveyor when he is not representing the Warsaw Eagles.



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