PLFA introduces mobile app!

Autor: Alex Zarganis Published: 20 Mar 2015 | Comments: 0

Starting today, American football fans in Poland can utilize a new league app from their mobile devices. PLFA 360 is the football information center for smartphones and tablets using both Android and iOS systems.

Pobierz aplikację z Google Play (Android)

Wersję aplikacji na iOS (Apple):

“Anyone with a smartphone can access the new mobile app,” said project manager Grzegorz Osiński. “It is much easier than using a website. Any league that wants to get closer to its fans and to win new ones should arm itself with a mobile app.”

“This was our first sports app,” commented programmer Piotr Szaciński. “We believe there is still great potential in this area, as applications like PLFA 360 are still rare. Clubs have not yet embraced apps as a central avenue of communication with fans, or as a way to advertise, attract new fans, find sponsors and generate profits from advertising. There are some exceptions - Legia Warszawa, for example, recently adapted its website for mobile devices and Lech Poznań has its own mobile app. Skra Bełchatów is a pioneer in volleyball, as a club with its own application. Still, these are exceptions and, more frequently, similar projects are not pursued on a large scale.”

“Above all, we wanted the application to be simple, both in appearance and functionality,” added designer Krzysztof Gajewski, “but also to offer up a lot of information about American football. We didn't want users left to wonder how to use it. Instead, they should be able to achieve the desired effects with a few intuitive clicks. The idea behind PLFA 360 is that fans can have access to information about their favorite teams not just from their home computers, but also at any time from their mobile devices. Time will tell whether the project is a success...that will be the case if we see a large increase in the number of users.”

“We hope that, thanks to the availability of new technologies, sporting leagues such as the PLFA will see a rise in demand for mobile tools from their fans,” continued Gajewski, “and that this will cause people in other disciplines in Poland to see the potential of mobile solutions. We are pleased to have had the opportunity to work with the Polish League of American Football, and we hope that the experience that we have gained together will pay off in the future - for us, in further sporting projects, and for the league in a great tool for promoting football in our country.

Piotr Szaciński
Piotr is a student at Warsaw Polytechnic University. He is an Android, iOS and PHP programmer, a businessman and a visionary, who still takes great pleasure in programming even after many years. He likes challenges and difficult projects. Piotr's interests include tennis, soccer and, more recently, American football.

Krzysztof Gajewski
Krzysztof is a student at the Warsaw School of Computer Science. The young designer and Android programmer was responsible for contacts and coordinating the project for the PLFA. Krzysztof is a casual fan and also a soccer player. He is interested in new technologies, aimed at creating innovations and visionary solutions for business.

Grzegorz Osiński
Grzegorz, the project manager, became interested in football in 2009, attracted by the sport's increasing popularity and the devotion of its followers. Being a computer scientist by profession, Grzegorz approached the PLFA with an initiative designed to allow those followers to get closer to the sport they love.


Alex Zarganis
PLFA Press Bureau