PLFA begins its tenth season

Autor: Alex Zarganis Published: 16 Mar 2015 | Comments: 0

The PLFA has expanded by 20 teams in all divisions for the 2015 season, while the overall number of teams in the PLFA has doubled since 2012. Many of those new teams will compete in the junior division (PLFA J), which is adding an 11-man version this year. Previously, all junior games were played with 8-man teams.

The Topliga, the league's flagship division, has expanded by two teams to eight this year, with the addition of the Białystok Lowlanders and Husaria Szczecin. Ten teams will compete for the title of PLFA I champion, while PLFA II will continue to be the biggest division in terms of numbers, fielding 22 teams from 19 cities.

SuperFinal X, the Topliga's championship game, is scheduled for July 11, with the PLFA I championship coming a week thereafter. PLFA II will close out the season with its title game on October 25. Those three divisions will be supplemented by the PLFA's 8-man division, PLFA 8, now entering its fourth season. The 17 teams competing will include the first from outside the country of Poland, the Kaliningrad Amber Hawks.

The junior league continues to gather momentum, with the 8-man division hosting 18 teams from 16 different cities. One difference this year is that the 14-17 year-olds will begin their play in the spring, getting the season underway on May 1 and competing for the junior crown at the championship tournament held during the weekend of June 20-21.

As mentioned above, the 11-man junior division is being introduced this year, with the majority of action there coming in the fall. Currently, 12 teams are registered to take part, bringing the total number of junior teams around the country to an even 30 in 2015.

“The PLFA has come a long way since its first game in October 2006,” commented PLFA President Jędrzej Stęszewski. “There have been many milestones in this ten-year adventure. More importantly, however, there are many more to come. The PLFA has become a potent force in recent years. Thanks to the rapidly-developing junior divisions we can look to the future with optimism, and our goal of making American football a premier player on the Polish sporting landscape has not changed. The jubilee season of the PLFA comes with a new logo, new projects and ever-higher ambitions. The schedule has also been revamped—the Topliga, PLFA I and PLFA J-8 all play before the vacation, while PLFA II, PLFA 8 and PLFA J-11 will shine during the summer and autumn.”


Alex Zarganis
PLFA Press Bureau